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Evaluation of Basal Serum or Plasma Cortisol Concentrations for the Diagnosis of Hypoadrenocorticism in Dogs

Previous studies that included limited numbers of affected dogs have suggested basal cortisol concentrations ≤55 nmol/L (2 μg/dL) are sensitive, but nonspecific, for a diagnosis of hypoadrenoc... Read more

Evaluation of Body Weight, Body Condition, and Muscle Condition in Cats with Hyperthyroidism

The contribution of fat loss versus muscle wasting to the loss of body weight seen in hyperthyroid cats is unknown. The objective of this study was to investigate body weight, body condition score (... Read more

Neutropenia Associated with Compounded Formulations of Lomustine in Dogs with Cancer

Compounded lomustine is used commonly in veterinary patients. However, the potential variability in these formulations is unknown and concern exists that compounded formulations of drugs may diffe... Read more